Democratic Candidate Running for Mesa County Commissioner District 3 Says He Has a Better Reach for Pandemic Relief

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The second most anticipated debate starts soon, with candidates running to preside over the U.S. Senate, but before the Vice Presidential Debate, meet the next candidate running to be your next county commissioner. “Hi, I’m Dave Edwards.”

A carving on the Old Mesa County Courthouse says laid by Grand Lodge September 4, 1922, but Dave moved to Mesa County in 2008. “This is crisis. This is worse than we’ve ever seen. This is going to have a bigger effect on more people, long term than in the 2008 Recession,” said Edwards.

Since new change is coming to the Old Mesa County Courthouse, Dave Edwards wants to be part of that new change, for the better. Edwards says, “I’m the person that can do it. I’ve got a Master’s in Business Administration. I’ve got two law degrees. I’ve worked as a CPA. I’ve worked in the private industry. I’ve worked in government, and I’ve worked in non-profits.”

Dave currently works at Catholic Outreach where he see’s people in need reaching for a helping hand, but he says the current county commission is a closed fist full of dollars. Edwards says, “There’s $27 million plus, dollars in food stamps every single year that they don’t spend, and the commissioners we’ve got now feel like that’s a good thing. What that means is that creates, “food deserts.” A food desert means there are a lot of hungry people in the county, and Edwards says as commissioner, he’s going to spend both federal and state funds to make sure nobody goes hungry in the county. “We have one of the highest poverty rates of any county in the state of Colorado,” said Edwards.

He also says he’s going to ensure county residents have health insurance so they can focus on productivity. “It got down to 9% that was uninsured, and it’s back up to 11%. That’s bad for the people that aren’t enrolled, it’s bad for emergency, it’s bad for our hospitals,” said Edwards.

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