Devil’s Kitchen introduces year-round outdoor seating with “snow globes”

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. — When you think of a snow global, you usually think of the shakable decoration and not outdoor seating. But, Devil’s Kitchen is bringing a whole new meaning to the word. The restaurant has recently introduced transparent tents, and they are calling them “snow globes.”

Even with a 5-Star Rating in the Variance Protection Program, Mesa County’s COVID restrictions limit indoor seating. So, with the temperature dropping, Devil’s Kitchen needs to entice more people to its rooftop patio. Therefore, the restaurant purchased these tents, or rather “snow globes,” and the restaurant’s food and beverage director, Tracy Johnson, says she is excited for this investment. She also says the globes will follow every health department regulation. She adds, “basically, what we are doing is sterilizing with Lysol, which we’ve known to kill the virus. We are also sanitizing seats and tables, and we are washing the blankets.” Lastly, Johnson says the tents fit up to a party of six people.

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