Differently Abled, but Fully Capable

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At Bryans Lake on Wednesday, Colorado Discover Ability is beating the heat with a day filled with lakeside activities.
The non-profit hosts these activities throughout the summer, and it’s been a blast for those participating. For instance, take Hannah. She’s been with the group for many years.
“Today we are doing the lake, we’re doing rafting and a lot of cool stuff out here”, says Hannah who’s participating in the day’s lake activities.
She even has something to celebrate being out at the lake, as well.
“When it comes to Spencer, Diego, and Kate, we were seniors last school year and graduating from high school this year, 2018, its so much fun”, says Hannah.
A fun day it sure is, even the service dogs are at the lake to cool off and play fetch with the group.
When it comes to Maddie, she never misses the chance to be with her friends in the outdoors.
“I’ve got to experience friends and there are people like me that like me for me”, says Maddie.
Very wise words to live by Maddie, and it explains why this group is so close. They come from many walks of life, but they see the similarities they share and not the differences.
“We also serve veterans. We were just in Glenwood during river stuff and now we’re here today and this weekend. I think they were going up to the Upper Colorado River section so it changes always and its always something fun and exciting with really good people, like Maddie”, says Delaney Neal, one of the volunteers for CDA.

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