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Dinosaur Museum Replaces Stolen Truck

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo - The Dinosaur Dig Program is still in full swing no that they have a new set of wheels because the truck the museum typically uses for the program was stolen back in February.

The new truck is a Ford F350 and fulfills the use of the previous truck, which is to haul water, equipment, tools, and fossils to and from dig sites explored during the program.

The museum started crowdfunding online and received many generous local donations.

The truck was sold at a discounted price by a local supporter of the museum to help them cover repair and insurance costs.

"This beast, when we were taking the trailer out this summer to get it into the quarry, it didn't even break a sweat. With the smaller half-ton truck, even though they could get it into the quarry, the wheels would spin out and it would a horrible push on their engine. This truck didn't even bat an eye", says Julia McHugh the Curator of Paleontology for Dinosaur Journey Museum.

The brown truck that was stolen has been returned and is expected to be re-purposed in some way to benefit the museum's ability for the public to explore the area's pre-historic wonders.

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