Distracted Drivers Caused Over 15,000 Colorado Crashes in 2019

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15,143 is the number of distracted driving car crashes in Colorado in 2019, and 28 priceless lives were lost , according to the Colorado Department of Transportation. CDOT has distracted driving prevention tips to help you stay focused on the road, and so do local driving experts, John and Judy Gray.

When asked the last time they both had vehicle accidents, Judy says, “45 years ago.” John says, “No accidents, no. For 50 years.”

The Colorado Department of Transportation says 92% of surveyed drivers admit to driving distracted the last seven days, and according to John and Judy, those stats hit too close to home. “Our grandson got rear-ended twice in the first six months he had his license,” said John. Judy says, “Kids on cell phones rammed into the back of him.”

Experts say you shouldn’t text and drive and get a designated texter because you might crash, but there’s still plenty of things you can do safely while driving; you can vote and drive. John says, “If I get a phone call, I try to find a safe place to pull over, and then check out a text.” CDOT says to turn your phone to “Do Not Disturb” mode before you start moving. EndDD.org says, if you look at your phone for four seconds while traveling 55 miles per hour, you’ve covered the length of a football field while driving blind, but here in Colorado the speed limit is 75 on most highways. “Just put them in your glove compartment,” says Judy, and John says, “Yeah, turn it off, and wait until you get where you’re going.”

CDOT also says you probably shouldn’t eat or drink but, at least you can wash your car while you’re driving through the drive-thru car wash. Well, technically. There are plenty of driving distractions on Colorado roads, but why would you want to stare at a screen when you can stare at the scene?

John and Judy are asked who’s the better driver, men or women? John says, “I think I’m a real good driver, but I don’t get that from her so, I’ll let her explain why.” Judy replies, “No, I have to keep telling him to slow down.”

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