If you’re in Colorado, you may come across a symbol of love.

“There’s people throughout the state going around and putting little hearts,” said Diane Eckert, who’s brother was an organ donor.

For Eckert, these hearts represent much more than that.

“We are hopefully inspiring others to get their little red hearts on their drivers licenses,” said Eckert.

Eckert saw first hand just how big of an impact organ donation can bring, when she lost her brother Cody in a car accident in May of 2013.

“It was devastating. I lost my best friend,” Eckert said.

Once Eckert and her family knew Cody’s life would come to an end, they immediately knew he’d want nothing more than to help others live on.

“He served in the army and served our country, so why wouldn’t he serve the next door neighbor or whoever else,” said Eckert.

“One person can save eight lives through organ donation and heal an additional 75 through tissue donation,” said John Romero with Donor Alliance.

While Cody’s time may have come to an end, many parts of him still live on, as both of his kidneys were donated as well as his liver and heart valves.

“I’ve met two of the recipients and we’ve gotten letters from four families total,” said Eckert.

It was through Cody’s gift of life, that Eckert was able to see beauty during such a tough time.

“Through tragedy can come so much joy and some peace and some solace. It’s given us some kind of closure with something that’s been very difficult,” Eckert said.

Joy and peace that came from just a little red heart, with a much bigger purpose.