GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. – (KREX) The Gordon family has lived in Grand Junction for 15 years but it wasn’t until last year, the idea for a business was born. “This place is awesome but we wanted to bring something into the community and do a fun business,” John Gordon, Owner of Nothing Bundt Cakes said.

The Gordon family may not be new to the Grand Valley but they are bringing a new way to celebrate any occasion with the official opening of Nothing Bundt Cakes here in Grand Junction.

Launching a new business already involves a lot of challenges, but staring one during the COVID-19 pandemic requires a whole different recipe, something the Gordon family says, is their mission. “You know we were in the middle of COVID, and a lot of things were negative, so we wanted to bring some joy and goodness into the community,” Gordon says, “I mean its cakes, celebrations, its fun, it makes people happy.”

But with a name like, Nothing Bundt Cakes, is it really nothing ‘but’ cakes? “There are a few other bakeries in town, but none that really focuses on the joy and celebration,” Erin Gordon, Owner of Nothing Bundt Cakes says, “The brand brings joy, if you’re in a work meeting and its something you don’t want to be in, our cakes bring joy. When we had the opportunity to open a store, we really just wanted to bring that joy into the valley.”

As with most new businesses, the search for employees is on. “We start with our opening staff and now with our projected sales and where we are going, we recently posted some ads again, some open positions because we are going to grow on this team that we have now,” Gordon said.

Nothing Bundt Cakes opened just in time for you to add a bundt cake to any of your holiday celebrations, or you can just stop by for a quick treat on the go.