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Downtown Ambassadors Here to Help

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo - Some friendly faces are popping up on downtown Grand Junction, all to give you more information on fun events our city has to offer, but that's not all the Grand Junction Ambassadors Program has to offer.

They also relay security information to park patrol to make the area safer and provide a friendly smile to all that visit the area.

The ambassadors can be found at the corner of 5th and Main Street by the large bicycle sculpture and also have a flag that says "info" to make finding them easier.

The ambassador program runs all the way to Labor Day and they act as the eyes and ears of the city.

"The ambassadors are down on the street Tuesday through Saturday from 11 o'clock in the morning until 5 o'clock in the evening. They have a spot on 5th and Main where they can be found with a big information flag, so if you see them then say 'hi', if you need them then come to get them and they can help you out", says Lorie Gregor the Recreation Coordinator for Grand Junction Parks & Recreation.

If you'd like to become a downtown ambassador then head to the GJ Parks & Recreation headquarters located across the street from the Lincoln Park Golf Course.

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