Drug overdose death increase in Mesa County

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo — Mesa County experienced a 70% increase in drug overdose-related deaths from 2019-2020, according to the Coroner’s office.

Overdosing is a tough situation that many people are confronted with.

One Coloradoan who previously attended rehab fell back into addiction after moving to Grand Junction.

Trevor Dow, a recent addict, says, “I went to rehab, that was last year for three months, it was at the higher rt in Sterling, Colorado, once I got out there, I came to Junction just to start living, cause I don’t know anybody down here thinking it was going to help me with my recovery and I ended up overdosing down here”

His experience led to a trip to the ICU at St. Mary’s Health.

This led to a life-changing moment. He wants to help others achieve the same sense of clarity.

Dow also says, “Sober Living with Oxford which is where I’m at now and that made a big difference in my recovery because obviously, I wasn’t able to be accountable for myself, I still needed that support and so being in a sober living house that’s there’s is a big, big deal for me.”

Trevor isn’t the only individual seeking a fresh start. For others out there like him, there are resources and treatment accessible to anyone.

Dr. Ryan Jackman with St. Mary’s Health says, “as a community now is a time to be reaching out for help for treatment and if you know someone, a loved one has a substance use disorder, encouraging them to seek treatment.”

For those who might feel uncomfortable or afraid about seeking treatment, the non-profit Sober AF Entertainment is an organization that travels coast to coast with one goal in mind.

Duke Rumely with Sober AF Entertainment, says, “this is the most important time for a kind of a non-profit like us to be able to do something pretty unique which is set up this sober support for anyone looking to have fun.”

No matter your condition, for those fighting addiction, help is always a call away.

For more information on Sober AF Entertainment, visit https://www.soberafe.com/.

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