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Dry Conditions Cause Wildfire Danger

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - In Western Colorado our climate is the driest it's been in several years and we have plenty of wildfires to prove it.

Mesa County has been under stage one fire restrictions since May and it seems like those restrictions won't be going away anytime soon.

Those with the Mesa County Sheriff's Office say we're in the most severe fire season they've seen since back in 2013.

While many may think storms could relieve these conditions, what isn't good is lightning that comes with very little precipitation.

However, those with the National Weather Service say there's a reason for these conditions.

"The atmosphere is going clockwise around the high pressure and is pretty much dragging a lot of the smoke and ways from the California fires into our region," said Jimmy Fowler, Meteorologist at the National Weather Service.

With all of that haze amd smoke it can also be hard to tell how close to a fire you may be.

Those with the Mesa County Sheriff's Office say it's important that before you go into the wilderness, to check where the fires are so that you don't put yourself in harms way.

If you do plan on going out for a hike or doing anything outdoors, those with the Mesa County Sheriff's Office have set up a website that may help you.

The site has information about what fire restrictions there are as well as where current fires are at.

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