As local high schools prepare for prom, those with Colorado State Patrol are bringing DUI driving simulations to several schools across the Grand Valley.

“I don’t know where i’m going or what i’m doing. It’s scary.”

It may be scary, yet somehow it still happens every year.

“On prom night we’ll see a lot of distracted driving on our roadways,” said Dan Chermok, Trooper with Colorado State Patrol.

Distracted driving, often caused by drinking before getting behind the wheel.

“We do contact a lot of those drivers that are our prom kids. We just want to make sure that they’re safe and that they’re getting to where they are going safely,” said Chermok.

Those with CSP said the first step to increasing safety is by making sure teens are informed, and what better way then experiencing it first hand.

“We have fatal vision goggles or some people call them beer goggles. They stimulate a central nervous system depressant like alcohol acts on your system,” said Chermok.

CSP troopers set up a course and students were put to the test.

“I was like, ‘Oh that’s what it feels like to be drinking and driving.’,” said Johanna Place, CHS student.

“When you turn, you’re pretty much turning the opposite way and you kind of lean with it opposite ways,” said Dominick McCray, CHS student.

While it may just look like fun and games, those with CSP say their message remains the same.

“Almost every year we lose one student or one new senior that has just graduated,” said Chermok.

“These things are all preventable and it just takes someone saying no i’m not going to do this,” said Chris Wright, Trooper with Colorado State Patrol.