Duo Brings Dance Street Battles to the Grand valley

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Samuel Lee and Matthew Pederson are working together to reintroduce dance battles culture in the Grand Valley.

Grand Junction was the hub all of the breaking events on the Western Slope, we had gigantic jams and then all of a sudden it just dies off,” said Lee.

Lee remembers the struggles he went through when first getting started in the dance community.

“There was really nobody else who did my particular style of dance in the valley so I was really building it off of nothing,” said Lee.

Pederson also recalls the challenges he faced when stepping into dance.

“I looked at this guy dancing and said that is really really cool and I want to do that, so then I started teaching myself and noticed I wasn’t getting too far,” said Pederson.

Lee says if he had dance battles and events to attend when he first began dancing it would have given him the extra push he needed.

“To really keep going with it and really make something out of it, and luckily I was able to find that outside of grand junction but I’m wanting to bring it back in,” said Lee.

In an effort to bring dance battles back to the streets of the Grand Valley, Lee and Pederson will be hosting an all style dance battle on May 4th, for ages seven and up.

The first place winner will also take home a cash prize.

For more details you can visit Monumental Movement.

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