Just as the hazy skies started to clear, a building becomes engulfed in flames spewing out black smoke in Grand Junction.

The large commercial structure fire took place at CORRecycling located at 710 Arrowest Road shortly after 5:30 pm on Monday, August, 23 where multiple fire crews attacked the fire in all directions.

The recycling center is responsible for recycling electronic waste including commercial and residential office machines, computers, tv’s, and more.

Multiple explosions were heard from inside the building and fire crews took to ladders to smother the flames through two places in the roof that were breached.

While fire crews drowned the remaining flames, one employee that works at the family owned business tells KREX it’s the largest e-waste recycling center on the Western Slope, and one fire crew member says luckily, everyone made it out of the building.

A few of the employees say the cause of the fire could possibly be from some of the electronic waste, but one fire crew member says there still no official cause, but they’re glad no injuries have been reported or lives lost.

Grand Junction fire crews will remain on scene overnight to monitor the property and ensure the fire doesn’t re-kindle.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation and KREX 5 will provide updates with further details once the information is made available.