Edwards Runs for Mayor Seat in Palisade

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Dave Edwards says the idea of running for mayor has been on his mind for a while, now in his second term as trustee for the town of Palisade, he believe this is his year.

Hoping to win the seat of mayor, against Roger Granat, Edwards says his main focus is to expand the town’s economy by diversifying the money making businesses.  

“There’s other people who are on the edge, who don’t know who to vote for. They’ve got Roger who’s a great guy and they’ve got me– different personalities, different approaches,” Edwards said.

The current mayor-pro tem, says he is in full support of the Palisade Plunge, and would like to push forward the idea of possibly adding gondola’s to the project to attract more tourists.

“Roger has a fairly static view of what Palisade should be and what it’s been for a long tie, but there are a lot of challenges coming up and we have the opportunity to bring in a lot more business, a lot more tourist,” Edwards said. “It be really great if we could have some kind of Gondola like they do in Glenwood to bring people from the base, which is in Palisade “It’s a dream, but I believe it can be done.”

Edwards may be a dreamer, but he is always vying for an opportunity to make it happen– running for both mayor of Palisade and Mesa County Commissioner.

“Combined they make about a full-time job, the person I’m running against in county commissioner is Rose Pugliese. She runs a full-time law firm, but most of the commissioners have had another position besides being commissioner,” Edwards said.

Edwards adds that if elected, he would push to appoint Granat as mayor pro-tem, so that Granat could work continue his work on the Cameo Shooting Complex.

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