Electoral vote petition makes 2020 ballot

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MESA COUNTY, Colo. — The fate of Colorado’s electoral votes is heading to the 2020 ballot. The petition to do so started right here, in Mesa County.

Petition efforts started by Mesa County Commissioner, Rose Pugliese and a front range mayor have collected enough signatures to send the popular vote question to the 2020 ballot.

The law, which was signed back in March, would send Colorado’s nine electoral votes to the national popular vote winner in a presidential election.

However, the law would not take effect until a compact of states with similar laws totaled more than 270 electoral votes.

Rose Pugliese explained what this means for the national popular vote law now that her petition is going to be a ballot question.

We helped with our team to coordinate the statewide grassroots movement to make sure we had enough signatures throughout the state. We were so lucky we had so many people… we had over 2200 volunteers.

Rose Pugliese

Now that Rose Pugliese’s petition is now a ballot question, the electoral votes law is essentially paused.

What Colorado voters decide in November of 2020 will affect the state’s electoral votes in the 2024 election.

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