Due to a delay of spring runoff and high levels of snow pack, rivers are expected to run high for a long period of time this year.

Current snow pack in the Colorado River basin is sitting at 130%. Because of the water levels, emergency personnel are warning people who plan on using the river of the deadly dangers they might face when out on the water.

They say high water combined with debris, cold water temperatures, and fast moving currents is highly dangerous and has caused multiple deaths. They also say people should always wear a safety vest and use the proper equipment when on the river.

Based on current river forecast there is a 10-25 percent chance that the Colorado River will exceed flood stage in Mesa County.

People are encouraged not to use sections of the river beyond skill level and always let someone know when you’re going out and expect to return. Mesa County Sheriff’s Office also reminds you to enjoy the river sober, and never raft alone.