Epi-Pen Cost Increase Impacts Western Slope Patients

Local News

 The dramatic cost increase of a life-saving device used to treat severe allergic reactions is being felt across the nation, and it’s also being felt by many people on the Western Slope.

EpiPens are epinephrine auto-injectors created by the company Mylan, used by patients immediately when having an severe allergic reaction.

The price of the product has skyrocketed over this past year, and by roughly 500% since 2009, influencing users like Joseph Lytle to second guess the purchase. “When I was younger it was maybe $10, last year it was $100, today it’s $625.18.”

Dr. David Scott, and allergy and immune specialist said “it’s really putting patients in a difficult situation where they’re having to decide between a lifesaving therapy and paying their rent. Some cases paying for food for their children.”

We did reach out to representatives with Mylan for a comment on the price increase and we have not yet heard back.

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