FRUITA, Colo. (KREX) — Pavia Justinian is the artist working on the big horn sheep sculptures that are going to be installed in the Redlands Parkway Roundabout.

Justinian said that even before the Arts and Culture Commission put out a call for artists, she thought the roundabout looked empty.

Redlands Roundabout currently

“I’ve been looking at that roundabout since they put it in and just thinking that it really needed some art. It looked so empty,” said Justinian.

Justinian thought it needed some big horn sheep. “There’s that beautiful view of the Colorado National Monument behind it, so I really thought it would be cool to build some big horn sheep for that.”

Luckily, Justinian’s view lined up with the community’s vision. In 2020 at Redlands Middle School the Arts and Culture Committee hosted an event to decide what to put in the roundabout. Over 100 people decided that big horn sheep would fill out that space nicely.

Her process for building the sheep started with a 2-D drawing on cardboard. Then she started with a metal chassis, like a car. Building off that chassis she used old car fenders and tractor hoods to shape the sheep.

“I really love all the curvilinear shapes that you get with [old car parts]. Organic curvy shapes lend themselves well to building animals,” said Justinian.

The plan for the big horn sheep art installation

She estimates all four sheep sculptures will be installed in January 2023; that’s the mother ewe, her baby and the two bighorn sheep fighting.

Want to see more of Pavia Justinian’s work? Look around Grand Junction. She made the Sephera sculpture on 5th and Main St. along with multiple benches at the Mesa County Library’s Discover Garden.