Fifth Annual Drones in the Desert

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo — Ready, set, take off!

Drones in the Desert is back, this time at a new location on the campus of Colorado Mesa University.

It’s a new sport gaining the likes of so many, drone racing, could become the next big thing.

What sounds like wasps, traveling at speeds unheard of, is a fierce competition of drones.

Christan Van Sloun, a drone pilot, says, “what you’re seeing out here is five-inch quadcopters racing one another, these are piloted from a first-person view perspective underneath googles and they all have their radios in their hand and that is what they’re using to see as the drones flies kind of from a fighter pilot perspective and then they’re controlling it with this radio in their lap, moving left, right, up and down, faster and slower.”

A bunch of moving elements to create a product flying upwards of 100 mph in the blink of an eye.

It’s a special toy that not only goes fast and tricks people out but is also designed in a unique way.

Van Sloun also says, “we build all of these. We don’t go to a store and buy this. You buy your motors, you buy your framing, you solder everything together, get it working, program it, tune it, it’s a whole process, but a lot of fun.”

Organizers say it’s great to bring a sport with national attention to the Grand Valley. 

Sherry Ficklin with Drones in the Desert, says, “love seeing it, especially we have some young racers out here, 15, 16, 17 years old that are getting into the sport. It’s great to see the next generation coming up and sort of taking this engineering and also video game background and sort of combining them into something that’s a really unique sport.”

Van Sloun added, “the goal of drone racing is to smoke on everybody. Alright, that’s how I would put it, we come out here, we have a lot of fun.”

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