Fighting For His Country to Fighting for His Life

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo.- September is National Suicide Awareness Month. David Muniz is a Veteran who went through a battle between life and death.

“I was playing Russian Roulette with suicide and from the Grace of God I’m still here.” David Muniz

This veteran struggled with drugs, alcohol, and an un-diagnosed mental illness. With all of theses issues David began spiraling into a deep depression.

“In 2005 at the end of October I had a suicide attempt and was place in a 72 hour hold.”David Muniz

It was in that moment David realized his life needed to change. “I had to determine that I was worth the work and I was worth living.” David was then diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and began getting professional help. “I’ve been getting my therapy here at the VA for many, many years.”

David is currently working for the VA as a peer support and is using his story to inspire others to get the help they need. “I will be your battle buddy, I will help you, I will get you to the top of the mountain.”

Veteran Crisis Line is 1-800-273-8255, click here for more information.

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