Mesa View Elementary Is exposing It’s students to real life skills In a fun and exciting way.

Young Ameritowne On the Road are the masterminds behind the plan.The teachers studied an eight week curriculum with the students before allowing them to put their skills to use and run their own town for a day.

“It’s real life experience and It means more than just sitting In a classroom”, said fifth grade teacher Brenda Goodwin. Organizers say the Ameritowne sessions provide experience In the hopes of laying a foundation for students to be In charge of their own finances someday.

These students learned the concepts of banking, business and economics.They participated In activities such as applying and Interviewing for jobs.Through creative play the students experienced supply and demand. The class even opened checking accounts and used a debit card.

“I think It opens their eyes about what their parents have to do and I think It gives them that experience so that they’re more knowledgeable, said Goodwin. The goal of the traveling group Is to give these young adults an understanding of money and how It works In the real world.

“They’re never to young to embrace personal finance concepts, having a job, and working on a team”,  said O’Reilly. The students agreed It was a once in a lifetime experience and they’re going home with some new found ideas on adulting.

Fifth grader student Hannah Morgan added, “I learned how to be a grown-up and I’m looking forward to It…I think.”

To find out more information on where Young Ameritowne is headed next visit Young Americans Center for Financial Education.