GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — Every tree is going to be different especially based on how you watered it over the holidays and how you cut it. If you are touching your tree and the needles are falling off or if you’re sweeping up needles every day, it is highly recommended to go ahead and get rid of that Christmas tree.

Grand Junction Fire Department’s Ellis Thompson-Ellis has one major warning on how that holiday symbol can quickly become a fire hazard.

“Christmas trees like our evergreens have sap and resin that can really fuel fires very quickly,” Grand Junction Fire Department Community Specialist Ellis Thompson-Ellis elaborates, “Now they’re starting to dry out and all that’s left is that sap and resin that’s making a fire hazard in your home.”

A resource in town to get rid of that Christmas tree is Mesa County Green Waste at the landfill. You are able to take your tree out there and compost it for free.