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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo — In the summer of 2020, two of the largest wildfires in Colorado erupted on the Western Slope.

The Grizzly and Pine Gulch Fires both left forests and land destroyed.

If fire season is going to be anything like last year, it is important to know what to do before you start those grills or go camping.

Fire officials have a reminder for the community before you set out for your next adventure.

Grand Junction Community Outreach Specialist, Dirk Clingman says, “we want to make sure our grills are maintained, that they’re working properly, that we’re keeping them clean, so we don’t have grease and animals fats accumulating in the device, which is fuel and that can ignite unexpectedly causing a fire danger.”

Here are three tips to help you avoid any fires you might encounter.

Always check the weather, two remove any flammable material and three always practice safe behavior.

Here are just a few more additional tips for you to remember.

“It’s always good to create defensible space around your home. Also, have a safe cooking area that little ones know their not getting next to the very hot device,” says Clingman.

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