First Day Reaction of Colorado’s Mask Mandate

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It’s day one into the new mask mandate, but the same mask debate still exists. “It’s common courtesy man. Have respect for others, you know? Be coughing, and put your germs on another person, it’s common courtesy, you know to have your mask on at all times,” says Xikii Cody. “I think it’s totally ridiculous because the rest of my body is walking through the store collecting the droplets,” says Cinde Waller.

Now, the great mask debate has been settled by the state, but with over 1,600 deaths due to COVID-19, some people think the state is too slow. Xikii says, “It’s crazy now! Like spikes, spikes here and there all over the nation. They should have started in March, right away you know? It’s just common sense.”

There are exemptions to wearing a mask, such as people with asthma, and now, a new stressor exists. “You can stay home, and have everything delivered to you. Stay home, be safe,” says Cody. “If we have to live in complete fear, and walk around in masks, and are unable to breathe just regular oxygen, I think it’s just better that we stay at home. We’re safer at home,” says Jennifer Henson.

The mask mandate is in effect for another 30 days from it’s implementation on Friday, July 18 at midnight, and it could be extended. Cinde says after leaving the grocery store with her friend Jennifer, “When we went into the store, we actually used the spray sanitizer for the carts, and we sanitized each other.” Jennifer says, “We sanitize each other quite often during COVID.”

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