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First Responders Ask Community to Help Them Help You

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - Wesley Engbarth, a captain with the Grand Junction Fire Department, stopped by the Fox 4 studio on behalf of the Answering the Call Committee to talk about Ballot Measure 2B.

The measure outlines a .5% sales tax increase, which does not include groceries, gas, perscriptions and residential utilities and services. This means it would add $0.50 to every $100 of applicable items.

The money will go towards building 3 new fire stations, which include full staff, a fire engine and an ambulance at each location. It would also add 18 new police officers to the police department. These additions would allow first responders to consistently meet national response time standards and be able to better handle the steady increase of call volumes in Grand Junction.

For questions or to find out more information about Measure 2B, click here to visit the Answering The Call website.

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