The Tuxedo Corn Company collected their first harvest of Olathe sweet sweet corn on Sunday, July 16.

The company plucks every ear of corn by hand, because the corn is too tender for a machine to do the same job. For the first harvest they will fill anywhere from 4,000-5,000 cases of the corn, with 48 ears in each case. 

Those with Tuxedo Corn Company say the corn has provided more than just an enjoyable snack. “Olathe sweet sweet corn has been very good financially for farmers in this valley. It’s been a very stable crop, that makes a profit every year, something we can rely on,” said John Harold, the owner of Tuxedo Corn Company.

Starting on Monday the corn will be available at the Tuxedo Corn Company’s facility in Olathe, and City Market will offer the corn for around two months. The harvest season will end during the first week of September.