Fitness Doesn’t Need to be Frightening

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The physical education class at Chipeta Elementary School has been extra spooky this week, because their teacher transformed the gym into a “Haunted House of Fitness.” According to both the students and teacher, there is something special about this physical education class.

Paul Hughes, the physical education teacher, had several obstacle courses set up for the children and they were all Halloween themed. “It’s wonderful this way. I think it’s really fun and it’s just different in a good way,” said Lila Turetzky, a third grader at Chipeta Elementary School. Hughes said the ultimate goal is to get the children excited about physical education, and encourage them to be active throughout their lives.

In addition, Hughes said the children he works with have acted like a reset button in a way, because of tough times he had been experiencing. Hughes has a daughter with a heart defect, and his father passed away recently. Hughes shares his personal stories with students, who are dealing with comparable circumstances. “I can help those kids that may have lost that father or been, you know, in a [similar] situation. We have a kid here that’s started her life at Children’s Hospital because of a heart defect. And just getting them to feel safe around me, that trust me, because I have been through a lot. But I show them that, you know, life is amazing, life is great, and we’re in this life together, so let’s just keep moving forward together – not just alone,” said Hughes.

The decorations have now been taken down, but Hughes said he continues this tradition over Christmas.

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