Flags Fly High at Fruita Monument High School

Local News

Dozens and dozens of flags could be seen flying high at Fruita Monument High School Thursday, in somewhat of a protest.

The scene came about after students were told they could no longer bring any sort of flag on campus, after one student was upset he couldn’t fly a confederate flag.

Keegan Bogart, a senior at the high school posted to Facebook Wednesday night, asking his fellow students to show up to school proudly sporting the American Flag.

Nearly 300 students showed up, and officials of School District-51 quickly changed their minds, allowing students to show support with any national flag.

“Someone told me that I could not wave the flag of my country in the parking lot of the school I go to, it didn’t make any sense to me and it made me mad that I couldn’t be patriotic” said Bogart.

Matthew Diers, the Executive Director for D-51 High Schools commented saying,”that was something we decided wasn’t a good idea, then went in another direction and said as long as you display the American flag respectfully, and honorably, we’re all for it.”

Some Fruita Monument High School students did mention that they had been threatened by the district, that if they brought a flag onto school property they could face expulsion.

District officials say that no disciplinary measures have, or will be taken.

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