Flattening The Curve: Mesa County to release “re-open” plan, hospitals to bring back elective procedures

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MESA COUNTY, Colo. — Mesa County is seeing its COVID-19 case count flatten.

“Look at the statistics… the math doesn’t lie.. it doesn’t lie.. look where we are.” – Scott McIniss, Mesa County Commissioner

County officials are ready to respond to the dropping numbers with a re-opening plan.

“The governor’s plan is the safer at home plan, that begins Monday. Mesa County’s plan is very similar, the objective for ours is to open as many businesses as possible.” – Jeff Kuhr, Mesa County Public Health

The plan is a three tier system. As for tier one:

“We think gyms can open– but maybe not have classes… you know, maintain social distancing… cleaning guidelines. As for restaurants, we think they can do some limited business.” – Jeff

Although, businesses like movie theatres, which hold a large, compact amount of people, will probably not be re-open until phase two, which will probably come about two weeks after phase one.

Hospitals in Mesa County are also broadening their services. Starting Monday, all hospitals in Mesa County will be opening up facilities for elective procedures.

Better news is finally here, and our county officials and health care personnel are excited– but they still want to remind the community to be safe.

“Please continue to prevent. Let’s get past this thing… we can do it by loosening restrictions — as far as closures go– but still maintaining the tightness on what we are doing to reduce our risks.” – Jeff

Mesa County Public Health says the county’s re-open plan will be released within the next few days.

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