Flexible work spaces may change how you return to work

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. – (KREX) As more community members return to work after the pandemic and adjust to their new job duties, the environment of their office space may have changed.

ProSpace Interiors observed how COVID-19 affected the working class and set out to not only change the equipment used in office spaces, but to also meet the needs of more employees.

The Christi Reece Group made the switch to flexible work spaces and has not looked back. “For us it has worked really great because it is definitely not that old school heavy desk with a lot of furniture that is both bulky physically and visually,” Carey Matthews, The Christi Reece Group said, “We’ve really liked how it is just nice and clean.”

Flexible workspaces from ProSpace Interiors includes desks that alter in height, open workspaces, and even desks that can change to a white board. “It can be used as a standard height desk, but with just a push of a button it allows the desk to automatically raise to a correct ergonomic height so that you can switch from sitting to standing and be more comfortable and ergonomically correct,” Dave Huerkamp, ProSpace Interiors said.

COVID-19 has affected us all. while some community members have returned to work, others are still working remotely. “When COVID hit we saw a pretty dynamic shift in the work place where people needed to have the flexibility of not only having the ability to work in the office but more so working from home,” Huerkamp said.

As more employees head back to the office, a changing environment in your work space, may make the transition a little easier. “The main difference is instead of having a large work station with a big wooden desk, we are seeing people need more flexible spaces,” Huerkamp said.

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