Flu Results in Extra School Cleanings

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Flu season isn’t over yet, and no one may know that better than Mesa county’s youngest residents.

A number of D-51 schools have had to have extra, nightly cleaning done in order to stop the spread of the flu when too many students were getting sick. Here’s what they recommend you do to help them in their efforts.

The sound of a spray bottle is a normal noise for the custodial staff at D-51 schools. But recently, some nighty cleaning crews have had to hear it twice.

With flu season now in full swing, three different Mesa county schools (Lincoln Orchard Mesa, Appleton Elementary, and Chipeta Elementary School) have had to have extra nightly cleaning because of how many kids have called out sick.

When a cold makes it’s way among students, it takes a little extra muscle to stop the spread.Contact surfaces must be double cleaned, surfaces like student desks, counters, doorknobs, door handles which students touch every day.

The Mesa County Public Health flu-view shows that were at a fairly normal rate of hospilizations, but flu season isn’t over yet. And although the flu is easy for kids to catch, there are ways to prevent your child from falling ill, like keeping the kids home if they start feeling bad, and following basic hygiene rules.

In the meantime, D-51 custodial staff will be hard at work keeping the county’s kids flu free.

Link to Flu View: https://health.mesacounty.us/flu-meter/

Link to MCPH: https://health.mesacounty.us/

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