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Follow Up To Tuesday Night's Meeting

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - District 51 school board members held a meeting early Wednesday morning to discuss changes to the administration that will cost the district $1.2 million dollars this upcoming school year.

School Board President Tom Parrish tells us that five school board members talked to staff and the public about decisions made regarding competitive salaries and market values of different positions.

Superintendent Ken Haptonstall was not at either the meeting last night or this morning, as Parrish said he's been out since mid-June due to viral meningitis but has still been in contact with the school board district.

Parrish also told us due to Haptonstall's illness and teacher concerns about the new budget, D51 has decided to cancel the Welcome Back Ceremony for teachers on August 15th.

"He's not turning the corner in light of that and some of the frustration from teachers and their need for more planning time we felt that maybe this year that we wouldn't do the welcome formal back but we'll be out in buildings," said Parrish.

A week after school begins school board members will be visiting individual schools and setting up meetings to talk to staff and teachers.

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