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Foster 40 Campaign

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - A new campaign is urging you to open up your home to foster kids so they don't end up being moved from Mesa County.

In 2017 alone almost 700 kids spent some portion of the year in foster care because of the high numbers Mesa County Department of Human Services is looking for you to help.

"Outreaching to folks in our community to see if they'd be interested in becoming a foster parent so we can bring those kids back to Mesa County," said Joni Bedell, Child Welfare Manager at Mesa County Department of Human Services.

Kids in the Grand Valley have been relocated to other places in the state because of lack of foster homes in the county.

"It's unfortunate when children have to move away especially if you think about their neighborhoods, their schools, their friends. It impacts children tremendously."

At any given time, Mesa County has between 250 to 275 kids living in foster care. Of those 35 to 40 have to be relocated.

"It's traumatizing for a child to even be moved from their biological parents even if it's due to abuse and neglect."

In an effort to not break any family ties, MCDHS is launching their Foster 40 Campaign.

"If we can get 40 new homes to be able to bring those kiddos to our county, that'd be great."

While there are new-borns looking to be fostered, there is a high request for older children.

"For adolescents kids and working with those middle school to high school range, we definitely have a need for foster homes for those age ranges."

In order to be involved you must go through some in depth interviews, home inspections and prepare yourself for the process.

"There's initial training that foster care applicants have to go through."

Aspiring to make a positive turn for the children, MCDHS says this campaign is more than just an application.

"It's rewarding to be a foster parent. You not only make a difference in a child's life, but also your life as well."

If you'd like to find out how you can be a foster parents you can visit their website.

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