High-school students from all over the Western Slope attended the Western Slope Economic Leadership Conference held at Colorado Mesa University, organized by the Freedom and Responsibility Education Enterprise (FREE) Organization.

The conference worked  to prepare students for success and leadership through economic education in the modern world.

More than 100 local  high school upperclassman  from 10 different Western Slope schools, attended Tuesdays conference, and students learned different characteristics that make up a good leader, as well as concepts behind capitalism.
“We think it’s really important that we train leaders and we help young people develop the characteristics that we need in good leaders, we also think it’s important that they understand economics” said Phyllis Hunsinger the President of the FREE Foundation.

Keynote speaker and author Helen Raleigh said “Next year I hope to see more students and more schools participating in this great local organization and give more students the opportunity to be exposed to economics.”

Because Tuesdays conference was such a success, the FREE Organization plans to make it an annual event.