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Mike Kelly, owner of Your Sign Company, has been in business making signs in Grand Junction for 28 years. A family member with a deficient immune system asked if he could print her a sign to let deliverymen and solicitors know. The process of making it gave Mike an idea, “We thought there might be a lot of people who need those.” Turns out he was right.

Mike, using the template he gave his family member, started making signs to give away. So many were taken, he’s since lost track. But, in times like these, people aren’t the only ones in need of his services. Your Sign Company started making free “We’re Open” signs too.

A drive down Main Street in Grand Junction will reveal, many of the businesses that are still open, feature his sign in the window. Helping businesses any way he can is Mike’s focus. “We have the lowest prices we have ever had on banners for businesses that are still open… to help them out.” When asked if giving away free signs was hurting his bottom line, Mike said, “That hasn’t even crossed our mind to see. But, just being able to help the community is enough.”

Anyone is welcome to pick up a sign at Your Sign Company located at 2478 Industrial Blvd. in Grand Junction.

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