Free WiFi Available in Historic Downtown

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Downtown Grand Junction now has a free WiFi service and it’s only a couple clicks away.

“It’s so super easy to get on. You accept the terms of service. Here are a few days, you’ll have the option to give us a little bit of information. We’d love your zip code to know where you’re coming from and your email to stay up to date on the cool things we do down here. We won’t spam you, I promise”, says Allison Blevins the Downtown BID Director.

The project was made possible with the Downtown Development Authority partnering with a local network provider 32 Waves, and they guarantee 30 Megabytes per person for uploads and downloads.

“The network is built on top of a gig circuit.  We do artificially limit each individual user to 30 megabytes down and 30 megs up, which is more than enough. You could stream several streams of Netflix with that. It’s quite powerful”, says Colter Lovette the President of a local internet service company 32 Waves.

But what’s the reception been like with the folks are just enjoying it. 

“Oh man its fast, it’s faster than my data I think!”, says Joshua Shannon who frequents Downtown Grand Junction with his family.

“This project has been coming this long, it’s so cool that 32 Waves could utilize that fiber and provide free internet”, says Blevins.

To get started, just go to your WiFi settings and click on “Main Street WiFi”, accept the terms and conditions and you’re ready to surf the web.

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