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From the Stalk to the Dinner Table

Olathe, CO - Here in Olathe Colorado, corn isn't just food; it's a living. It's also some of the tastiest corn that has national recognition, but what's the secret to growing such delicious produce?

"The secret is the warm days and the cool nights. We use to grow a lot of sugar beets out here because of the sugar content. The same thing is that we don't have clouds, we very seldom have clouds, but the temperature variations swing between somewhere in the neighborhood of 38 to 40 degrees from low at night to the heat of the day", says John Harold the owner of the Tuxedo Corn Company.

Olathe's suitable climate has built an industry for many families in the area, but not every year is a walk between the stalks.

"In the 32 years I've been doing it, I've never seen it this dry this long for a period of time. I think our normal moisture is in somewhere in the neighborhood of 38% to 39% of normal", says Harold.

Drought conditions and insects are the banes of any farmer, but despite the challenges the Tuxedo Corn Company has faced this year, they're confident this harvest will be as great as any other.

"I expect we'll have a great harvest, I expect we'll be done earlier than normal this year", says Harold.

After being shucked, gathered, and boxed, the corn is ready to chill so it's served fresh for your dinner table.

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