Lower Valley Fire District is working together with the city of Fruita and upper Colorado River Interagency Fire Management to help clear out fuel and hopefully, make property damage from fires less likely. With funding from the BLM and help from Alpine Tree Service, fire marshal Travis Holder says they’re able to trim trees and cut down invasive plants like Russian olives and some native plant species that are likely to be fire hazards.

This team will take all of this accumulated brush to the Orchard Mesa compost facility. Had the trails been left unattended, even the smallest thing could have ignited this fuel into a blazing inferno.

Even if all precautions were taken, a lightning strike or other natural causes could’ve also sparked a fire. With houses so close, many with old wooden fences, the damages could add up to a huge loss. So, even though the city of Fruita is doing its part, homeowners need to take precautions too. Especially with insurance companies dropping some customers because of risks like wildfire damage. Do your part and make sure fire hazards are mitigated around your home and neighborhood.