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Fruita Thriving from Small Business Economy

Fruita, CO - As Fruita's economy continues to boom, a few local businesses are following suit by enhancing what they can offer.

One example of this is Munchies restaurant, they're building a larger establishment to offer more to their customers.

Fruita's Chamber of Commerce and City Manager Mike Bennett say that a majority of the city's revenue comes right from the source, that being small businesses.

Over the past four years, Bennett says that sales tax revenue generated from small businesses has been exceeding year after year with 17% being their highest to date, also, 90% of the city's new business revenue is not reliant upon the energy-related fields, which indicates how business diversification has made a positive impact on the city.

"I like to say Fruita is an experience and a lot of our successful small businesses in Fruita are successful because they've created this great experience for their customers, and some of them have even become a destination in themselves", says Fruita City Manager Mike Bennett.

As for the restaurant's ground-breaking ceremony, Munchies plans to nearly quadruple the number of people they can serve by moving to the south side of Fruita.

The restaurant is family owned and operated and they've kept their kitchen busy since 1980.

Munchies new location will be at 550 Kokopelli Drive across the street from Dinosaur Journey Museum.

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