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CRAIG, Colo –

In Craig, Colorado, the early bird gets the worm, or should I say gets the chance to go for a ride in a hot air balloon. Not much happens in Craig at five in the morning, but over the past weekend, colorful balloons painted the smoky skies at the Moffat County Hot Air Balloon Festival this year.

Soaring weightlessly above the clouds with people waving from below is a once in a lifetime experience. For someone that has never been on a hot air balloon ride there is only one question….
“Is it scary, no,” Barbra Hann, hot air balloon pilot, said. “The closest thing I think it’s to is scuba diving.”

Riding in a hot air balloon can be addicting or at least that’s what a balloon pilot on their 32 year of service said. “I got a ride. That was my first ride and I bought a balloon two weeks later,” Hann said.

Floating in a hot air balloon 6,000 feet in the air is unlike anything else, but for anyone curious as to what it may relate to… “The only thing I can really compare flying to is scuba diving because it is just so calm and you don’t see, unless there’s clouds, you don’t see the atmosphere around you,” Hann explains.

Activities at the Moffat County Hot Air Balloon Festival are not limited just to the air, some family fun can also be found on the ground, watch the colorful balloons flying above and check out the exotic cars displayed throughout the festival. You can buy your latest hot air balloon merchandise while snacking on some tasty treats. this years Moffat County Festival, there truly is something for everyone
“We wanted to come up here today and see the balloons and the car show and have the children get involved in the rides here,” Stephen Bushey, Florida resident said.

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