Gift of Lyft: CDot Partners to Provide a Safe Ride Home for New Year’s Eve

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The Colorado Department of Transportation partnered with Lyft to provide everyone a plan to be safe for New Year’s Eve with a one-time credit of ten dollars to the first 200 people who make a pledge on their website.

Local businesses selling alcohol anticipate a busy night, but are also taking part to keep everyone safe.

“Our corporate policy is ‘I.D. someone every time’,” Ben Husband shares, “they also know the protocol for someone who is intoxicated, you know, not to sell them alcohol, and, if we notice anyone that is intoxicated, beyond a reasonable doubt, we can suggest to call a cab for them.”

“The gift of Lyft provides you with someone’s hands on the wheel so that your hands can safely be on your drink,” Cora Dickey says.

CDOT reports that 178 crashes in Colorado have involved an impaired driver, which makes up almost one-third of the total this year. Whether you have a code or not, officials express the need to be responsible.

“You can’t rely on your friend’s judgment when it comes to ‘if they’re good enough to drive’,” Sam Cole expresses, “You need to be the observer, you need to be the responsible one. If you’ve got a friend that might be drinking, just make sure they aren’t driving; take away the keys, be a good friend.”

The Lyft codes are only valid in the evening and will expire on January 4.

Other ride-share programs include: Sawaya Law Firm.

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