Girls Learn Secrets to Success From Women Leaders

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Words of encouragement were spread to more than 80 girls from across Western Colorado as they met with professional women from the area to share some “Secrets to Success.”

“If you remember thinking about what you wanted to do, you would pick this idea out of a hat but you’d never really get to talk to someone,” said Allison Ellington, Regional Manager of Girl Scouts of Colorado.

Girl Scouts of Colorado is changing that idea and giving young girls the opportunity to connect directly with a variety of professional women in different career fields.

“I’ve talked to a chef, a retired FBI agent, I’ve talked to some archeologists, and I was talking to a news anchor,” said Girl Scout Taylor Ellington.

The first ever all female Care Flight team in the area also shared their knowledge.

“It’s pretty exciting, it’s very rare to have female pilots in aero-medical, it’s less than 5% of the pilots are female,” said CareFlight Pilot Esther Babcock.

These women leaders were able to personally engage with each of the girls to share their expertise and provide inspiration for success.

“How they got there, what they had to do to get in their profession, and ask them questions about what inspired them, it’s really about just finding how to reach that next level,” said Allison Ellington.

Taylor Ellington says she has enjoyed learning first hand.

“I’ve been kind of curious about what I wanted to be when I grow up, so this is going to help me with some ideas,” said Taylor Ellington.

“We’re hoping to inspire the girls to consider careers they have never considered before and we know from our past experience that it definitely happens,” said Allison Ellington.

These professionals say they hope students leave this event with broadened horizons for their future plans.

“I think that a lot of times whether it’s through media, movies or our basic knowledge, the things that you can do or the fields that you can go into and you don’t even realize that their is actually this whole other side and then just being able to put that out there,” said Babcock.

Organizers say to follow up with today’s event these girls were given the contact information to further connect with some of these women and have them as a positive role models and mentors.

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