Giving Tuesday Gives Hope, and Catholic Outreach Gives Life-Changing Gifts Everyday

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Giving Tuesday started in New York in 2012 with the goal to encourage people to do good, but Catholic Outreach started back in 1988 with the same goal.

Beverly Lampley with the organization says, “Catholic Outreach was started by the four catholic parishes in Mesa County, but now we’re supported by 50 other churches, and their congregates, and 700 volunteers.”

You only need to practice the giving spirit to help fill the empty hangers at Catholic Outreach. “No, you don’t have to be Catholic. No, you don’t have to be faith based. You just have to want to serve, want to give, and want to help,” said Lampley. Marilys Solberg is one of those people giving and helping with a clothing donation. Marilys says, “People are in need, and I’m extremely fortunate. So, I’m happy to help whenever I can.”

Catholic Outreach is now accepting all donated goods because this isn’t just a clothing bank, it’s an everything bank providing clothes, shoes, books, and food but most importantly, providing hope. Lamley says, “We have a homeless population of between 500 to a 1,000 adults. You know, a lot of them are living outside. It’s cold. They’re sick. They need things too.”

Giving Tuesday started eight years ago, but you can keep the tradition alive by donating the gift of a warm coat today or, how about a festive Christmas sweater to celebrate the giving spirit? “People are in much greater need than they’ve ever been here, and people are scared, but little children still want Christmas. Adults still want Christmas. So, we all need to come together,” says Lampley.

You can donate toys too because all these donations aren’t just gifts receiving smiles, they’re gifts changing lives. Marilys says, “I think people should give everyday, honestly. It’s just a matter of thinking about it, and realizing where you are in your life, and there are so many that aren’t there. “This community is the most generous community I have ever seen,” says Beverly.

To volunteer, or donate and change lives, click here.

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