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GJ Veterans Affairs Internal Email Prompts Concern Among Local Veterans

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - A concerned veteran reached out to KREX 5 News Wednesday, worried the Grand Junction VA Hospital is giving elderly veterans in the nursing home 30 day notices that they have to leave.

This came after an email was sent to select employees within the Grand Junction Veterans Health Care System by a doctor with the organization.

The original email can be found below:

Currently the CLC can no longer meet the needs of the ever growing demand of high risk individuals who may benefit from the exceptional care which is provided on our unit and we are in a situation of turning away a number of individuals due to lack of bed availability.
The CLC is in transition process where more beds need to be made available for short stay category care (90 days or less).  Many of you may already be aware that we are in the process of discharging some of the veterans who have been under long stay category of care.  In these circumstances it may cause strong emotions both on part of resident and staff due to the caring relationship which develops.  Each resident has their own unique veteran category status and unique medical history.
In order to minimize misinformation we ask if any of the veterans or staff who have questions on this process please either direct the resident to myself, Jessica-social work or Sarah our nurse manager.  We ask that staff DO NOT give specific information to veterans if they are queried about specifics of the discharge process.
The care you all provide is outstanding and both the residents and VA team is very grateful for all that you do.
Anna Jensen, MD
Chief, Geriatrics Division
Grand Junction VAMC

The below statement was issued by the Director of the GJ Veterans Health Care System in response to the email.
"The Grand Junction Veterans Health Care System focuses on providing our Veterans with quality, safe and personalized care that meets their unique health needs, while being good stewards of taxpayer resources.  Recently, I have instructed my team to develop a plan to research our current capabilities, along with our clinical operations in the Community Living Center/Transitional Care Unit.  This review will identify the strengths and limitations of the unit and allow us to enhance our clinical service delivery while serving the greatest number of Veterans." – Michael T. Kilmer, Director



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