GJPD Looking for Victim Advocate Volunteers

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. — From devestating car crashes to violent crimes, police officers are called to some of the most trauamatic scenes in people’s lives. And in the state of Colorado, victim’s advocate volunteers are called right along side them.

“Victims advocates are volunteers who are not law enforcement, but they volunteer for the police department and they come out on a variety of calls,” explains Officer Isaac Gallegos, of the Grand Junction Police Department. “Sometimes victims don’t want to talk to a cop, or they don’t want a cop with a badge, and we have to ask questions, and we have to do interviews, and we have to do all this investigation, and that’s where victim’s advocates step in.”

The advocates take time to comfort victims, answer their questions, and give them emotional support, while police officers investigate the crime scene, or move forward with other police work.
“We get that opportunity to listen to them, let them tell their stories, help them work through their stories,” says Sherrie Blake, a Victim Advocate. And though supporting strangers through some of the most difficult times in their lives is no easy task, volunteers are making a difference, and that’s what helps them keep going.

The GJPD is looking for more Victim Advocates. If you would like to become a Victim Advocate, apply here.

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