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GJPD Releases Investigation into Death at Get Air

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - News Channel 5 has obtained the Grand Junction Police Department's investigation into the death of Ciara Romero at the Get Air Silo Trampoline Park.

The GJPD  has announced no criminal charges will be filed.

Romero was one of a group of five using the "Quick Jump" free fall device on January 4th and by multiple accounts from witnesses and employees, Romero was hesitant to jump.

"She was hesitant you know, pretty freaked out," the employee at the bottom of the silo told police, "Kind of scared, but excited to go."

Employees at both the top and the bottom of the silo told police they were "confident" the harness had been attached properly.

Video reviewed by police shows the employee at the top of the silo pulling up on the harness with force to confirm it was attached.

The report says at one point Romero sat down. Afterwards, the employee at the top checked the harness again.

"I saw the carabiner that was attached to her harness. It caught like it was normally supposed to," the employee at the bottom of the Silo told police. "I saw that she was falling much faster and so I just instinctively tried to get underneath her."

Multiple people at Get Air rushed to help, including a former ICU nurse. That person recalled checking for a pulse and felt a light one initially as well as hearing a gasping breath.

The former nurse checked for a pulse again, but was unable to find one, and began two rounds of CPR.

The employee at the top of the Silo, noticeably shaking when talking to police the report notes, said it was possible Romero's hand slipped and opened the carabineer during the initial jump but thought that would have been difficult to do. 

"[They are] designed to be difficult to remove with someone's body weight keeping tension on the line," the employee told police.

A GJPD officer investigated the carabiner to find that it can be opened with one or two hands.

"I found the carabiner to be relatively easy to open with one hand and believe a patron could inadvertently open the device with out knowing," Detective Heil said in the report, noting no flaws or damage on the device.

The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment is investigating this incident as well and tells News Channel 5 they expect the results this week.

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