GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — Grand Junction Police Department wants more females on the frontlines. GJPD is supporting a national campaign to have women make up 30 percent of policing by 2030.

GJPD and its partners want the force to represent the community they serve because they believe women change the culture.

“The more diverse we are in terms of our backgrounds and who we are, I think, makes us just a better organization overall,” Chief Doug Shoemaker expresses, “One thing I’m really excited about this initiative is the chance to really showcase some of our female officers and the work that they do on a regular basis whether at the rank of commander or officer.”

Testing to become a police officer is extensive and competitive. This campaign is just starting and GJPD is determined to follow through.

“This is not a one and done pledge,” Chief Shoemaker clarifies, “This is a series of initiatives and things that we’re going to continue throughout the next few years to try and bring more qualified recruits into the police department. It’s a long-term commitment, we’re serious about it, and we’re excited about it.”

The “30 by 30” Initiative not only wants to hire more qualified policewomen, but also keep them for the long haul. One way to do that, is to create a supportive workplace that welcomes the chance to thrive, which Chief Shoemaker says the City of Grand Junction supports.

“We’ve been able to increase our starting pay we have some other incentives plus great benefits to work for the city,” Chief Shoemaker mentions, “I think there are some very exciting things to look forward to in 2022 and we’re looking for some great people.”

Chief Shoemaker encourages women interested in joining others on the force to talk to current officers.