Unexpected deconstruction activity of the Grand Avenue Bridge in Glenwood Springs has those with the Colorado Department of Transportation re-evaluating their tear down process.

As part of the multimillion dollar project, the current bridge is being torn down to make way for a brand new structure.

Following an approved demolition plan, project leaders were removing 6 six girders of the present structure Wednesday night, but during the process all girders fell down across the Union Pacific railroad tracks.

The goal was to remove the girders two at a time, but the 64-year-old support pier of the existing structure crumbled, causing all six  210-foot girders to fall on the train tracks.

CDOT says there were no injuries as a result of the incident, or damage to private property in the surrounding area.

They say trains have already successfully crossed through the area.

At this time the only damage found was to the columns being used for new bridge, CDOT is currently assessing the cost associated with these damages.

CDOT says they are now re-examining their current demolition plan, but say they are confident the project will continue on roughly the same timeline.