GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) –- 44-year-old Craig Allen Robbins is jailed in Garfield County tonight facing a litany of charges including three counts of attempted murder, false imprisonment, illegal discharge of a firearm, and refusal to leave premises.

On July 14th, 2022, police first responded to reports of shots fired on Riverview Drive. When the first police officer arrived, police say Robbins fried at him. The officer escaped but large caliber bullets struck his car twice. Those shots penetrated the passenger cabin and hit the helmet lying next to him. Police say Robbins then fired at a second officer who arrived on the scene. A victim was contacted as he was leaving the area. He was sent to a local hospital, where he is still being treated.

Multiple law enforcement, fire department, and emergency workers from around the region responded to what was initially called an active shooter situation. Police later described it as a hostage/barricade situation. A victim and witness escaped the address unharmed, but another woman was held allegedly against her will while Robbins fired more than 50 rounds from two different weapons in the home.

Police negotiators eventually convinced Robbs to surrender peacefully. The woman held against her will was traumatized but is ok.

Inside the home, investigators recovered several handguns, a shoulder-fired weapon, and more than one thousand rounds of ammunition. They say stray bullets hit nearby homes and even a young child’s bed. They were also recovered from the park where a woman had taken her child to play.

Police thanked all responders who showed up to help protect their community.