GLENWOOD, Colo. (KREX) — The Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre and Gunnison (GMUG) National Forests are warning outdoor adventurers of high river flows as the summer travel season begins.

High river flows from snowmelt create additional challenges and hazards that can change day by day. Debris and tree snags could trap river-goers underwater or puncture rafts. Strong currents and cold waters could create dangerous circumstances for even the strongest of swimmers.

Don’t under–estimate the river during high flows – or over-estimate your abilities. . Know your limits. The river is unforgiving with high flows. Always wear a life jacket and use proper boats designed for white water – no inner tubes.

Colleen Pennington, Glenwood Canyon Manager

River users aren’t the only outdoor adventurers feeling the after-effects of this winter’s snow. Many roads in the GMUG forest are still unpassable and trails have been washed out and damaged from runoff.

Forest officials ask outdoor enthusiasts to stay off wet and snow-packed roads and respect road and gate closures in an effort to decrease long-term and costly damages to the roadway.

Ruts created by tires that are a mere inch deep can leave lasting impressions that only increase with rain and erosion. Forest roads are not constructed to be all-weather roads, they can be easily damaged when wet, especially during years of above average snowpack as we have experienced this year.

Chris Phelps, GMUG engineer

To learn more about gate closure status, area-specific information and road conditions, contact the local ranger district.